Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I can't believe its been three weeks since my last post. We've been so busy with Charlie's birthday, the start of soccer season, work and life in general that I've not had time to really blog. So, here's a quick update.

Charlie's dino party was dinomite! He loved being in the center of it all! I think we started celebrating on April 5, and he was still asking if we had any more presents to unwrap on April 10! His birthday is actually the 8th!! In fact, the morning of his party, he sneaked a present early. We had placed two wrapped gifts on top of the kitchen cabinets, which he saw and devised a makeshift ladder out of the kitchen drawers and counter to reach. He's never been a climber before that morning! Anyway, I loved having the party at COSI. The kids loved the hands-on activities like making a star gazer and shooting a bottle rocket. Plus, they made their own ice cream! It was delicious along with the dino cake! I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Abbi kept crawling into the session circles for each activity. She was so curious, and after the party, several families stayed to enjoy the large play area, which has a water table. Abbi loved playing in the water! I have such cute pics of her playing in the water and the little girls pushing her around on the push toys.

Soccer has started and Charlie scored two goals the first game. Or, I should say session since score isn't really kept ( except by proud moms like me when their kids score!). However, today he decided that he wanted no part of team play and we had to sit him out. It was rainy and he was whining! Both weeks, Abbi has slept thru the whole event!

As for Abbi's PT, we've found a new person! She's evaluating Abbi over the next two weeks and deciding if a recommendation of increasing her therapy to once a week rather than every other is necessary. I'll have to battle that one with our insurance if she decides in favor of every week. Abbi's doing really well with her mobility. She's pulling up on everything and has officially began cruising the couch and ottoman. Today, while I was doing laundry, I noticed how quiet she was being and decided to investigate. I found her in the bathroom, and she'd pulled herself up by the toilet and proceeded to play in it! Thank God my son flushed it! Needless to say, I think toilet locks are on the list for next weekend. Despite all this exercise, she's not sleeping well these days. She's cutting her back teeth and is very fussy. So, we're getting even less sleep. I really hope she outgrows the sleep issues, and I know teething has an end in sight! Despite her nightime crankiness, she wakes up in a good mood. Friday morning, she woke up giggling and laid in the bed for at least 10 minutes just rolling and playing with her feet. Then, when she realized she had an audience, she decided to play a game of peek-a-boo. She's a charmer!

Well, as for work, my student teacher has started and she's wonderful! So, I'm hoping to coast into May. I might even read a book. Of course, not one for leisure, but for the class I'm teaching next year. But nonetheless, a book!! Sorry this entry was long, but I wanted to recap what's happening with Abbi. I'm hoping to post new pics this week and catch up with everyone else's lives.

Take care!